handshakeThe first time you speak with an oncology drug access navigator may be in person or it may be over the phone. This will depend on the nature and urgency of your situation. Your first appointment may even take place the same day you see your oncologist or hematologist.

At the first appointment, the oncology drug access navigator may:

  • speak to you about the drug(s) you have been prescribed; this may include the cost, start dates(s), how the drug(s) is usually funded
  • collect information from you about your existing drug plan to help the DAN conduct a coverage inquiry; if you have an insurance drug plan, the DAN may also conduct a 3-way call with you and your insurer
  • if you have no drug plan, the DAN may speak to you about applying to a provincial public drug plan, or may refer you to a colleague to assist with this process
  • explain forms that need to be completed and signed; it may make sense to complete the forms at that time; if it is a phone appointment, the DAN may mail or email the forms to you to complete or may send you to your pharmacy to pick them up
  • provide a rough estimate of how long it will take for coverage to be coordinated or for a new public plan application to be processed